Atelier JM was founded in Ningbo in 2018. Atelier JM is a research and exploration-type design studio, focus on material research, study of relationship
between human and design, pursue new design experience.
Atelier JM bases on studying of relationship between human and design, we search new methods of materials and new structural compositions, we offer a new experience of design itself. The 
designer pays close attention to details of daily life, brings ideas into design, express new aesthetics and applications. He studied in Europe for 5 years, this unique experience brings him a
very different point of view in design. The design should make users can also feel an emotional resonance when using an object , for making objects not only are rational but also emotional.

Service for / Furniture design, Product design, Installation design.

Exhibition /

Greenhouse of Stockholm Furniture & Lighting Fair 2019
Salone Satellite, Salone del Milano, Shanghai. 2019
Design Shanghai AD Emerging Chinese Designer 2020
WISE Emerging Designer of Shenzhen Creative Week 2021

Atelier JM (卯介设计)于2018年成立于宁波, 是一个以研究探索为主, 注重材料解析, 人与设计关系发展的创新型设计工作室.
工作室基于对人与设计的深入思考, 寻找全新的材料使用方式以及全新的几何构成, 提供一种全新的设计思维. 设计师本身注重对生活细节的观察, 将生活带入到设计中, 表现不同的美感与产品应用. 他多年在欧洲求学与生活的经历带给他独特的设计思维方式. 它的设计追求让使用者从产品使用中感受到情感共鸣, 使设计不仅仅体现出合理性更可以让人感受到它的感性一面.

设计服务 / 家具设计, 产品设计, 装置设计.

参加展览 /

2020 年设计上海 AD 设计新星